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Albuquerque Apartment Movers

For Condos Lofts or Apartments

While local apartment moves usually involve less furnishings than moving a whole house, they can be difficult due to stairs, narrow doorways and hallways, and parking lots that make it impossible to pull up close to the apartment door. ProRelo Bekins Moving and Storage Services in Albuquerque has movers experienced in apartment moving who can take the worry and physical stress off of you! 

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Downsizing to an Apartment, Loft or Condo?

It’s tempting to ask friends to help you move since it’s only an apartment move. Amateur moves involve taking up everyone’s day off, looking for someone with a vehicle large enough to move couches, pianos and beds, and worrying about your belongings being handled properly. When untrained people attempt to carry heavy furnishings up stairs, around corners, and through narrow doorways, physical injury and damage to furniture often occur. ProRelo Bekins Moving and Storage in Albuquerque can make sure your upcoming move is easier and stress-free. Start enjoying your new apartment and entertaining your friends. Contact us today for a firm quote on moving!
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Top-notch Packing for Your Apartment, Loft or Condo

Just because your move is relatively small, you don’t have to settle for secondhand boxes and newspapers to pack and transport your dishes, collectibles, lamps, and other breakables. We have the highest-quality moving cartons, as well as specialty bubble wrap and sanitized wrapping paper, to help your move be more manageable. Start putting your dishes straight from the carton onto the shelves or let us help you with our unpacking services. Give ProRelo Bekins Moving and Storage a call today. 

Secure Storage Solutions

Need to store your belongings during your move? We have a warehouse, or we can park the truck with your things still in the trailer, at our safe storage facility. Contact us for information about our reasonable storage rates.

Moving Checklist

To streamline your local move, we offer a comprehensive moving checklist. We ensure that every detail is covered, making the process as smooth as possible for you.

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