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ProRelo’s extra steps to deal with Covid-19

At ProRelo Bekins, we are taking all steps required by the federal government as well as unique and exclusive new steps to protect the health of our customers and employees. Why? because moving is stressful enough and we hope to alleviate the extra stress caused by this developing crisis. Our management team is plugged in to all safety developments as they occur and we will adapt accordingly while still taking care of our valued clientele.

You may know already that the Feds have designated the entire trucking industry as an “Essential Service”. What this means for you the consumer, is that we DO NOT anticipate any service interruptions that could affect your storage with us or any moves that we have scheduled or in progress. It is business as usual (still employing our exclusive professional handling techniques that prevent damage) but with extra steps for sanitation and safety.


Virtual moving estimates by ProRelo of Albuquerque

Here are new services designed by us to making moving for you easier during this trying time:

  • In-home Quotes are now performed by our professional Estimators using a simple video app that anyone can use for your personal safety, convenience and ease. The in-home video estimate usually takes an hour or less and is still, of course free. Also, for our clients that cannot or do not wish to do the video app, we can also provide an estimate via regular phone conference. Just as before, we still set appointment dates and times so just email us your quote request to or call us at (505) 888-1007.
  • Another EXCLUSIVE new service with safety in mind is what we call “No Contact Moving”. Just like how we use the “Zoom” app now to estimate, we send our crew out with a tablet to connect with your device, allowing for easy back and forth questions live and makes it easy for our crew leader to show you the work we are doing for your peace of mind. We anticipate this service to be VERY helpful for anyone ill or especially concerned about contracting the virus. We are doing this at our expense.
  • We are sanitizing our offices and warehouse utilizing an outside professional service that specializes in viral sanitation.
  • We are providing our warehouse, moving and delivery employees extra supplies as often as needed to keep their hands, dollies, and trucks as clean as possible throughout their workday.

We are working on more innovative ways to cope with this reality and STILL give our customers the best move that we possibly can! We will get through this together.