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Office & Corporate Moving

Moving your office or business a new building? Worried about finding a reputable moving service that will handle your office machinery and client files with care? ProRelo moving services of Albuquerque has experienced local movers who can relocate your office and business by packing up your office equipment, move your goods and unpack them so that you (and your staff) can get back to work with as little stress as possible. We can relocate your corporation to new offices in Albuquerque, across the state, across the country or even internationally!

Office Relocation & Corporate Moves

With an office relocation or a corporate move, you know how important it is to deal only with reputable companies and to get all the information upfront. ProRelo Moving Services of Albuquerque is licensed by the state and is the only moving company in New Mexico that can give you a guaranteed price for local and statewide moving. The price we quote you for your move includes all services such as packing, loading, and delivery as well as any extra services requested. This quote will not change by the end of your corporate move or relocation. You can also rest assured that, unlike our unlicensed competitors, our trucks, drivers and insurance are inspected and regulated by the state and that we are fully responsible for the safety of your goods. Moving Checklist

In addition to local moving and relocation services, we offer the highest-quality moving boxes, bubble wrap and sanitized wrapping paper so that your computers, monitors and printers won’t be damaged during your move. We can carefully pack and unpack your office, taking the stress off of you and your staff.

If you need to store your office furnishings during your move, we have a secure warehouse in Albuquerque. Contact us to find out about our reasonable storage rates.

Don’t trust your business to fly-by-night unlicensed movers. Instead, call in the professionals at ProRelo to make your office move a smooth process that fits within your company’s moving budget. Call today for a free estimate if you need our office and corporate moving services.

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