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International & Overseas Moving

An international move to a foreign country or overseas move to Alaska or Hawaii can seem very complicated to most customers. Here at ProRelo, our company makes this multi-step moving process simple for you. We can handle these moves of all sizes and modes of transportation. Through our extensive network of domestic and overseas service partners, we have air, land, and sea capabilities to even the most far-flung corners of the world. We also offer assistance and advice with government customs/imports in all foreign countries prior to moving day so that all of your concerns and questions about what items can and can’t be shipped (or don’t make sense to ship) are known in advance. From start to finish, we do everything we can to make your international or overseas move as smooth as possible.Moving Checklist

The process starts with a quick visit to your home. We have numerous options to choose from when giving you a free estimate. Shipping options are numerous as well as extra insurance being available for purchase. Our friendly estimators are knowledgeable and the appointment is made at your convenience.

On packing day, our expert packers arrive at your home to round up and pack all of your smaller belongings into boxes and crates where needed. Depending upon the size of your move, the packing part of it is usually a day, maybe two. We make sure to pack your belongings in an organized, logical, and careful fashion. We also make a description and list of what’s packed so that you avoid unnecessary and potentially expensive snags upon arrival at port in your destination country.

With packing completed, our movers arrive next. Depending upon the shipping method, the boxes, furniture, and your larger items are inventoried, protected with cardboard, overseas pads, and shrinkwrap, then carefully loaded by our expert movers into the truck, shipping container, or overseas vaults. The key to an affordable and efficient international or overseas move is our unparalleled ability to load your boxes and goods densely and very tight. It is also the best and proven method to prevent damage to your shipment from the many miles of travel to your final destination.

During this entire process, our customers can always reach us with any concerns or questions, whether that’s by phone or email, and regardless of the timezone, we stand ready to help from start to finish. No other company in New Mexico has the depth or experience that we do in performing overseas and international moving. Contact us today for your free quote.