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Local & Statewide Moves

For most customers, the idea of having to pack up and move across the state of New Mexico or just down the street here in Albuquerque can seem just as stressful as a cross-country move. Most customers understandably dread having to empty out every last one of their possessions, sorting through things accumulated over many years, and then finally packing them up and moving them into their new home.Moving Checklist

Here at ProRelo, we completely understand this process and the normal worry it brings for the customer. That is why we offer so many different service options to get your local or statewide move done in a much more efficient manner than trying to do it on your own. Depending upon your budget, we offer complete full service packing, load, unload, and even unpacking of boxes where a customer doesn’t even lift a finger, all the way down to more affordable statewide and local moves where maybe you want to pack the boxes yourself but just have us do the move, or even visa-versa, hire our expert packers and do all or most of the move yourself.

If you really want to stretch your budget, you can even just have us pack up that kitchen you are dreading or have us move only the heavy, difficult pieces from the upstairs. The point is that we customize our expert services to fit your exact needs and budget. But perhaps most importantly, we can do any local or statewide move and give you a GUARANTEED price. A guaranteed price quote with ProRelo means you pay exactly what we wrote on our quote, no surprises. We are the ONLY mover in New Mexico that is legally permitted by the state to give our customers firm bids on local and statewide moves, not flimsy, low-ball estimates.

In fact, we give so many guaranteed bids, that if you want a non-guaranteed estimate, you’ll have to actually request one. Real movers, like other transportation-related services (i.e. ambulances, buses), are regulated in New Mexico. But ProRelo’s unique pricing really sets us apart from the other licensed movers. Our rates are real price guarantees. No other mover in New Mexico can even legally give price guarantees, all they can do is give their best “guesstimate” of final costs… Look very carefully at the fine print of a competitor’s estimate before you sign… You want a guarantee, not a “guesstimate”. Call us, email us, or simply use this website to schedule your free in-home quote today!