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Packing and Unpacking Services

Moving ChecklistThe two most dreaded parts of moving are usually carrying heavy or awkward objects and packing. Who hasn’t made a move on their own and had to wrap their fragile and precious belongings in towels or dirty newspaper and pack them into less-than-sturdy secondhand boxes? Old boxes can bring dirt, mildew and even insect pests such as silverfish and cockroaches into your new home, and using newspaper means you have to wash your dishes before using them.

Bekins Moving Services of Albuquerque can take care of every physical aspect of your local (or interstate/international!) move so that you can do the things you need to do like setting up utility services for your new home. We can do your packing and unpacking for you. We have top-quality moving boxes, specialty bubble wrap and sanitized wrapping paper. You don’t have to trust your china or collectibles to newspaper. We will safely and professionally wrap and pack your household goods as well as your furniture so that it doesn’t get scratched or dinged during the move.

We can wrap or box even the largest pieces of furniture, such as armoires and bookcases. We can wrap your mattress and boxsprings to protect them from dust and allergens. Your bedding and towels will be as clean as they were before they were packed so that you can make up your bed without having to do laundry, and your dishes can go straight from the cartons to your kitchen shelves. Our packing and unpacking services will take the stress and extra work out of your move. Letting us pack and unpack your goods can be especially beneficial for seniors or customers with physical disabilities. Busy moms and dads will appreciate having one less thing to do while they look after the kids.

If you need to store your items during your move, we have a climate controlled, secure warehouse in northeast Albuquerque where we can even leave your goods with 24/7 security. Contact us for more information about our reasonable storage rates, and ask for an in-home estimate on your move.

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