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Max Killman

President and Business Development

Max started in high school as a summer helper for his father, who was a career driver for Bekins after World War II. Max has truly learned all facets of the industry from the ground up since then. A virtual lifetime being in the moving business (50 years, various roles) sets Max apart from other Moving Estimators. This breadth of customer service experience combined with having done the exact same hard work our movers do helps to ensure that moving day goes smoothly for clients. Max also holds a bachelors degree in business from UNM. He loves what he does and takes pride in his ability to help customers from start to finish and by giving them gauranteed, no-surprise pricing.

Brad Killman

Vice President and General Manager

Being third generation in the moving business, Brad has been in moving and storage for twenty one years. Brad also started in the business working summers in high school where he gained a real appreciation for the hard work, determination, and sweat it takes for a move to get done professionally. Brad has a bachelor’s degree in business accounting. Brad enjoys the business, having grown up in it, especially the teamwork amongst all employees here at ProRelo that every successful move and new product delivery requires. No two moves, and therefore, no two days, in the moving industry are ever exactly the same. Finance, innovative marketing, employee development, but especially helping customers by delivering on our commitments are things that Brad enjoys the most about general management of ProRelo. For recreation, Brad enjoys fishing, skiing, taking road trips, running and relaxing with his wife and two kids.

Retro Bekins Moving & Storage Photo
Retro Bekins Storage Photo

Cris Lucero

Operations Manager

Cris has been working in the moving and transportation world for about 20 years. Cris began his career with ProRelo as a warehouse manager. As we grew, so did Cris’s role here, and as a result of his skills and talents, he was quickly promoted to his current position overseeing the day to day operations here. Cris works directly with upper management and our production employees to ensure that what we tell our customers will happen, does happen. Additionally, he manages our ongoing worker safety programs, new hires, and training, fleet safety, and warehouse operations in our 54,000 square foot facility.  Outside of work, Cris enjoys camping and boating, sporting events and spending time with his wife and kids.

Yvonne Killman

Accounting Manager

Yvonne started with us a couple years ago working in accounting here. Her job is quite challenging as she is a full charge bookkeeper handling our receivables and payables for all facets of our operation. Additionally, whenever needed, Yvonne also fills in helping with customer service, especially during the busier peak season. Yvonne enjoys the challenging nature of the industry and helping achieve our goal of making each move go as smoothly as possible. Yvonne holds a bachelors degree in business accounting. When not working, Yvonne loves spending time with family, camping and running.

Lorinda Etcitty

Business Development Assistant

In this role, Lorinda works directly with Max Killman to help give our customers great customer service. Whenever a customer can’t reach Max (usually because he’s in an appointment giving a quote) they can always get help from Lorinda. Lorinda comes to our company with a very strong and diverse working background, including over 10 years working in the service industry in a variety of roles. Lorinda loves to employ her strong and diverse set of skills answering any and all customer questions while making sure that each and every move is set up properly, whether it’s a simple local move, an interstate move with Bekins Vanlines, or an international move across the globe. For fun, Lorinda loves spending time with her family, going running, and traveling.

Denise Sedillo

Coordinator and Accounting Assistant

Denise works for us in both our moving and storage division as well as coordinating home deliveries for our retail clients. Denise had previously worked for the State of New Mexico for about 8 years and prior to that, worked for different childhood education non-profit partners of the state. Her experience working with fast-paced, large employers, positive attitude, and professionalism has made her a great addition to our office team being on the front-end of customer service. When not working, Denise enjoys raising her young son and daughter, cooking old and new recipes, shopping, and being a self-declared “soccer mom”.

Robin Carr

Small move and home delivery coordinator

Robin was hired here over four years ago. Previously, she had run both the warehouse and the front office of a very large and well known freight terminal here in Albuquerque. Her background is very diverse including stints in air freight, complete warehouse management, and logistics. Robin’s role with us is very diverse and challenging- she coordinates service for our retail home delivery clients and small moves. Our areas for these services encompass the entire state of New Mexico and portions of west Texas. Many of these points we service weekly so Robin’s job is a very fast paced one. Outside of work, Robin enjoys bowling and spending time with her kids and grandkids.

Betty Garley

Small move and home delivery coordinator

Betty brings decades of personnel management experience and organizational skills from the hectic freight industry to her vital role here at ProRelo. Her role is the same as Robin’s. Robin and Betty manage a large territory for our home delivery clients and small moves. The work we do here ranges from the delivery of a single mattress all the way to the re-furbing of entire offices with new copiers and modular furniture. Betty’s role also focuses on coordination of shipping and receiving functions with our warehouse staff. Betty enjoys time off with her family and cooking delicious New Mexican food.

Retro Bekins Photo from 1950

Heber Aceves

Daytime Warehouse Manager, Home Delivery Division

Heber has worked for us many years, and risen through the ranks of the company first starting as a delivery driver. Heber has learned our home delivery division from the ground-up. He brings both those skills and the ones he learned working many years on oil fields here in NM and North Dakota to his position here. There are many “moving parts” in our 53,000 sq. ft. warehouse that most would find intimidating, but Heber, and his awesome team of helpers Felix Fernandez, Ethan Hendrickson, and Mark Sorenson keep track of them all so that we can make literally hundreds of home deliveries each week around the state of NM and west Texas accurately every time. Heber speaks Spanish as fluently as English and outside of work, he enjoys time with his wife and kids as well as travel and home improvement projects.

Retro Bekins Photo

Claudio Solano

Lead Interstate Driver and Crew Leader

Claudio has worked with us in different roles now for over twenty years. He has also owned his own truck and been an independent contractor. We are happy to have him again as our employee. In his role, Claudio is one of our best drivers, handling our largest jobs and training our other employees in the same department. Claudio speaks fluent Spanish and English. He continually amazes us with his loading skills; utilizing van space effectively while at the same time maintaining the lowest claims ratio we have ever seen. Claudio is a great mover. Claudio enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with family when not on the road.

Abraham “AB” Zamora

Warehouse Manager, Moving Division

Another bilingual member of our team, AB is a key manager within our moving division here at ProRelo. We recruited AB from another moving company here in Albuquerque. (Their loss, our gain!) Every day AB brings a positive outlook and his diverse skill set to the challenging work of cataloguing every one of the hundreds of customer storage shipments that enter and leave our facility during the course of a given year. Not easy work, but AB, his support staff and skillfull use of technology makes it happen for our customers. When he’s not working, AB, his wife, and young son like to visit family in nearby Arizona and getting around to the scenic spots here in New Mexico. He also coaches his son’s little league as well as playing on an adult league himself.

Bekins Agent of the Month!

Brennon Chiquito

Nighttime Warehouse Manager, Home Delivery Division

Brennon is another member of our team that has “risen through the ranks” to be part of management here, first starting as a warehouse helper. Anyone who has done it knows that working the “graveyard” shift is tough work period, but Brennon’s duties are especially vital in that he and his team ensure that we can get all of our planned deliveries to actually fit onto our delivery trucks that depart the very next morning, mere hours after Brennon finishes his shift. There is no room for errors in Brennon’s work and he rises to the challenge, always finding a way to carefully fit “one more thing” onto the departing delivery trucks. When not working, you will typically find Brennon out of the city and back on his family’s ranch in Cuba, NM tending to their land and livestock.