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Albuquerque Storage Facilities

If your relocation involves a delayed delivery for any reason, we have your complete moving AND STORAGE solution here at ProRelo Bekins. Our 53,000 square foot, state of the art offices and Albuquerque storage facility is clean, secure, and so busy that we are fully staffed day and night, six days per week. Our facility is climate-controlled, has video surveillance as well as complete security, and is accessible to clients. We securely load your shipment into our vaults inside the warehouse while still fully padded and shrink-wrapped for damage and dust prevention. We then simply hold your shipment in our storage here until you call for re-delivery. This time-tested and proven storage method prevents damage from unnecessary handling, can accommodate a shipment of ANY size, and for ANY length of time. We can literally store your shipment for just a few days until your new home is ready or for a few years. There is no time limit on our storage and just like our moves, our quoted storage rates are guaranteed not to change for any reason. Your treasured goods are safe here at ProRelo Bekins while entrusted to us for climate-controlled storage.

  • Pristine 53,000 square foot storage facility with built-in floor to ceiling racking- we can store an apartment or a mansion
  • Security: Fenced in yard, 24/7 monitored burglar and fire sprinkler system
  • Your goods are loaded into storage vaults for minimal handling and disturbance until you call for re-delivery
  • All shipments for storage are expertly inventoried, wrapped, and boxed for damage prevention and dust control
  • Video cameras throughout
  • Background checked and drug tested employees for safe and careful handling
  • Climate controlled
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