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Professional Piano Movers

There are few items more daunting to amateur movers than pianos. Some pianos are massive and seem impossible to get out of the room they’re in, let alone into a moving truck. Some pianos are antiques and more delicate than they appear. Damaging or dropping an antique piano could drastically reduce its value. Contact us if you’re looking for professional piano movers. Whatever type of piano you have, from a grand piano to a spinet, we know how to move your piano safely.Piano Moving Cartoon

Like an armoire, buffet or any other large, bulky item in your home, a piano needs to be wrapped in the appropriate packing material before being moved. Wrapping big pieces of furniture helps avoid dents and dings during the moving process. We have all the packing materials needed to move every item in your home, including your piano. Don’t worry about looking for blankets to protect your piano’s finish and keys. We have bubble wrap, sterile packing paper and tarps. We also have furniture dollies in various sizes and years of experience in moving every household item imaginable.

You may have inherited an Albuquerque home already containing a piano and you may be wondering how on earth to get that piano out of the house. Someone brought it in, and we can take it out. We know how to remove and reassemble sheet music stands, protect mirrors and fragile old ivory keys and even take the legs off a grand piano. You can rest assured that we will secure the keyboard cover, the top of your grand piano and any other parts that might come open during the moving process. When we move your piano into your new home, we will do all the unwrapping and set it up for you just as it was. Unfortunately, we can’t tune your piano after we move it, but we can do everything else.

Whether your piano is new or antique, petite or bulky, or whether it’s a harpsichord or organ and not a piano at all, we can move it safely within Albuquerque or long distance. If you need storage for your piano and other valuable items during your move, we have a secure indoor and outdoor storage facility. You can trust us to move your musical instruments and all your other household items. We’ve been moving people in the Albuquerque area for decades. Whether your move is across town or across the state, we’re here to help. Call or use our contact form for a quote or more information and let us take the stress out of your move.

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