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Moving Rates & Costs

Regulated and Guaranteed Rates

Local moves in New Mexico are performed under the guidelines set forth by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission.

Legal moving companies in New Mexico are certified by the State of New Mexico. Regulated New Mexico carriers are free to file their rates in front of the commission for approval or rejection, it is a negotiated process.

We at ProRelo Bekins Moving and Storage in Albuquerque are the only moving company in New Mexico that filed in front of the PRC to provide consumers with a guaranteed price for our services. As such, we recommend for your peace of mind that you make an appointment with us for a guaranteed price, after all, it is the only way that we can provide you with a guarantee before your move.

Professional mover
Moving Rates & Costs

If your personal schedule does not permit an in-home survey, a general idea of our rates is as follows:



We collect the actual time elapsed plus 1/2 hour for travel. With the above rates in mind, you can see that rates per hour will depend on the size of the crew furnished for your move. Various combinations of crew size can be furnished in order to accomplish your move during daylight hours. In addition there are no hidden fees with our rates, such as a fuel adjustment or other surcharges. The rates quoted above are for standard rates between Monday to Friday (weekdays). Saturday rates are available, but reflect overtime charges paid to the crew as required by law. Contact us for a form quote on your next move and eliminate the surprise of hidden fees.

Transparent Pricing

Safe and Secure Storage

Storage rates are charged by a factor of weight. Generally a room full of furniture in an average home is approximately 1,000 lbs. For a ballpark figure of appropriate charges, the cost of storage for this is approximately $1.50 per day (or $45.00 per month).

Removal fees for storage are similar to local moving rates.

Our government approved facility functions with a burglar and fire alarm protection system that is monitored and reports to both law enforcement and fire department. In addition our exclusive video system is recorded 24/7 and pinpoints any activity in our warehouse.

We are secure.

Statewide, National and International Moves

Relocations for these types of moves are based primarily on weight and distance. This is true for our competition as well.

Extra services such as packing, stair carries, unpacking and storage needs will affect the cost of the move.

Our unique guarantee prevents any additional surprise charges at the destination.

** Services will ONLY be provided on moves originating in Albuquerque and the metro area within twenty mile.

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Get a FREE Moving Quote

Due to the complexity of long distance quotes and to secure your guaranteed price, it is highly recommended that you take the time to allow for a free in home moving estimate.

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